Ketchup, a global leader in loyalty marketing, announced that it just opened its new office in London. In order to spread its services in the UK and Europe, Ketchup’s new office in London, will be serving as the regional hub for extending Ketchup Group’s operations. Under the leadership of a seasoned team, the company intends to bring a unique point of view to the region with its strong expertise in loyalty marketing while carrying out its 5 year-plan.


“UK has long been the foundation of loyalty business opportunities with many forward thinking companies in various sectors. Therefore it was a perfect decision for Ketchup to open a new office here in London.” said Mahmut Kuşçu,CSO of Ketchup Group. “Since we are looking forward to expand further into continental Europe and UK, our office in London will play the most strategic role, while also benefiting from the experience and support of our team in Turkey.”


“Today’s marketing world is becoming more aware of the necessity of retaining customers wisely. Without a strong loyalty strategy, many firms will have difficulties along the way with their marketing, sales and after sales performances. As Ketchup, we have been piling up all our expertise in loyalty marketing base with the current trends in digital and mobile and now we are ready to share it with our prospect clients in brand new markets” said Yalçın Onur, the CEO of Ketchup Group.


By sharing years of know-how in retaining customers and creating loyalty in various sectors, Ketchup has also been awarded numerous times by different organizations around the globe, including Loyalty Awards (UK), Engagement & Loyalty Awards (UK), Loyalty360 Awards (USA), Colloquy Recognizes (USA) and Customer Festival Awards (UAE).

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